It's not GIF it's video.

Express yourself with short videos in endless combination simply by texting.

Video? Text? VixT!

VixT – turns your texts
into a video mashup!

VixT chatbots

Integrated into your favourite messaging apps

VixT for Slack

When you add the VixT app to Slack, your team can use a simple slash command to instantly load a videomashup in a channel or direct message.

Vixt for Telegram

Call this bot by typing @vixtbot and a query in the text input field in any chat.
For example, try typing @vixtbot hello check this out

VixT on Viber

You send a text to the bot and it will convert it into a video-mashup.
You can forward or download the created montage.

on Kik Messenger

Just open any of your chats and type @vixtbot followed by your words.
For example, try typing @vixtbot hello check this out

Turn your texts into videos

Just text and press play! When you type words in our technology analyses thousands of videos hosted in our library to generate a video montage.
Try the recorder and create your own video-words. You can build your own personal video-library or just use the continuously growing global library!The video can be sent to others or shared online.Creating a fun, interactive, original, and cut-through way to exchange just about anything!

Let’s spice up your online communication


Create and edit videos in seconds with VixT.


Unleash your creativity and turn yourself and the world around you into VixT words.


There are no better emoji than a real face to show real feelings.


Join vixters around the world and submit your words to grow the global library together.


There are no subscription, paywall or hidden fees.

Premium content

Vixting with your favourite movies and TV shows is coming soon.


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